The PanelDue is a full-colour touch-sensitive graphical control panel for 3D printers. Although primarily intended for use with Duet electronics, it should also work with other 3D printer electronics that supports a true serial port and includes the required support in the firmware.

Features include display of up to 6 hot end temperatures (up to 4 using the 4.3 inch screen), control of temperatures, head position, extrusion factors and many other parameters, display of print status and time to completion, print pause/resume/cancel buttons, and a touch keyboard allowing you to enter almost any gcode command. Support for PanelDue is included in RepRapFirmware, and we are working with the developers of Repetier and Smoothieware to add support in them.

To avoid burdening the main printer electronics with the task of updating the display, the PanelDue has its own 32-bit ARM processor.

You can buy a complete kit including screen from Think3DPrint3D or Filastruder.

For bulk purchasers: you can have your own custom startup screen on your PanelDues! Contact us for information.

Fixing Instructions
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