Supported displays ITDB02-4.3 and ITDB02-5.0 from Itead Studio, and alternative 4.3 inch, 5 inch and 7 inch displays display (see text).
Power requirement 5V power from host 3D printer
Supply current Board only: 35mA With ITDB02-3.2WD display: 130mA With ITDB02-4.3 display: 200mA With alternative 4.3 inch display: 280mA With ITDB02-5.0 display: 300mA With 7 inch display: 650mA
Interface 2-wire serial interface with 3.3V signal level (5V tolerant input). An external pullup resistor can be added to improve noise margin when driving 5V printer electronics.
Processor On-board ATSAM3S2B processor with ARM Cortex M3 core, 128Kb flash memory and 32K RAM
Options Pads provided for making connections to the SD card holder on the back of the display. Pads provided for 3 uncommitted outputs and ground from the on-board processor